Principles of Holistic Natural Movement




I am the physical embodiment of Life Consciousness, inclusive of all life. I am the Body:Human - I am here to bring myself into form by using thought to create a direction for me to creatively move in, using my own emotionally charged, interactive physical experiences in time and space, by my own design, in my own timing, through me, for me, by me, in order for me to design & develop my own consciousness. I do this through my Conscious (of itself in time and space) Physical Body, my emotionally charged Interactive Emotional Body, and my Experiential Mental Body.



I am the Conscious Physical Body - I am conscious and aware
of myself. Using thought within my developing consciousness,
I create a direction for me to move in through my physical body into time and space. I do this in order to develop my own consciousness through my own conscious design, in my own timing, through me and for me only.

This Body provides the opportunity to bring about an interactive physical experience using thought as a tool for creative movement in time and space.



I am the emotionally charged, Interactive Emotional Body - I use my emotionally charged 5(+) and 5(-) physical senses in time and space in order to create an interactive physical experience where I am always just 1 of 2 physical components in a creatively unfolding experience.

These 5(+) and 5(-) physical senses exist solely within and on the outer edge of my Conscious Physical Body. There are always three key points when using this Body: myself, my interactive physical experience, and the other one-dimensional life form or thing that I am creating the experience with in time and space.

This Body creates the unfolding interactive physical experiences through the 5(+) senses into time and space, and records it from time and space through the 5(-) senses.



I am the Experiential Mental Body - I record and play back, within
the frontal area of the brain of my Conscious Physical Body, the actual interactive physical experience that the Interactive Emotional Body had in time and space with another one-dimensional life form or thing.

I play back my actual physical experience the way it naturally occurred in time and space with another life form or thing, without analysis, comparison or judgment of what occurred, or what the outcome was.

This Body plays back the actual interactive physical experience without judgment or comparison.