Through a series of lively and enlightening seminars, Blaise puts into practice the principles of holistic natural movement that he has developed over many years through observing the movement patterns of animals in nature, through his passionate desire to create a functional Blueprint for the development of the CHILD from conception onward, and through his extensive martial arts training.

Focused on aligning and integrating the physical, emotional, and mental bodies, and invoking the creative intelligence, Blaise challenges many of the beliefs his clients have about exercise and how the human body works, and offers a new paradigm approach to achieving balance, strength, flexibility, stamina, motivation, and performance in life.

Witty and thought provoking, these interactive seminars use energy systems and brain re-wiring techniques to create life-altering experiences with the participants. Some of the topics covered by the seminars are listed below.

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Motivation for Increasing Daily Performance in Life

The perceptions we have of the world around us are the controlling factors that either hinder our creative ability to live in the world of our own design, or inspire and empower us to create the world we would choose to live in and experience from moment to moment.

Brain Wiring: Motivation and Performance

The inspiration of all movement comes from the center of one’s creative self. The manner in which the brain is hard-wired, either naturally (inside to outside) or in distorted fashion (outside to inside), determines the quality and direction of movement. Self-motivation is the recognition of the difference between the two.

Weight Training With a Focus

Are you using proper form and technique, along with right focus, when you are exercising? Find out if the exercises you are doing are giving you the results you are looking for.

Developing an Energy System versus Training a Muscle System

The basic concept explored and demonstrated will look at how developing an energy system promotes synergistic movement patterns, whereas training a muscle system creates separation and isolation of the muscle system.

High Performance Training; Following the Story - Part 1

Looking to get the highest Performance possible out of your body?  This introductory workshop will help you to create the performance level you desire.  You will learn about how your thoughts, emotional interactions and physical experiences create, and limit, your level of performance.

High Performance Training; Following the Story - Part 2

This workshop explores how to use the information from Part 1 to enhance your performance level.  You will learn how to increase your power, intensity and work efficiency within your training.  The highest level of performance is 98% mental, 1% emotional and 1% physical.

Integrated Movement and Postural Performance

Postural imbalances restrict and limit joint flexibility and range of motion.  This workshop will show the relationship between your pelvis, hips and lumbar spine and how they determine the efficiency and performance of integrated, functional movement patterns of your upper and lower body.  This innovative approach to movement can help you to improve: restricted and limited energy output, muscle balance, posture, strength, power and performance.


Self-talk determines the flow and strength of the body’s energy field. Self-talk before, during and after your workouts can weaken or strengthen your performance.

Whole Body Stretching: Active Stretching vs. Static Stretching

Active stretching creates integration within muscle movement patterns, while static stretching creates isolation and reactionary movement patterns.

Core Stability

The degree of functional stability within the core structure connects the upper and lower extremities and allows the whole body to move with minimal internal resistance and maximum external power. If the core is weak the back half of the body will be working against the front half in all movement patterns.

An actively functional core will create spinal stability - lumbar, thoracic, cervical - and a balanced and integrated relationship between the pelvis/pelvic floor, hips and lumbar spine. This will allow better working relationships within muscle groups of the upper and lower body when moving.

Whole Body Training with Intensity

The results you are getting in your weight training or cardiovascular training program are controlled and limited by the intensity by which you train. Find out how to improve your efficiency and results by working out less in the gym and resting more between workouts.


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