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Whole Person Paradigm

The Conscious Physical Body



Who Am I?

I am the Body:Human Conscious Physical Body.

I am the Life Consciousness
ordained and sustained neutral Body:Human.
I am the Body:Human DNA Consciousness
Conscious Physical Body.


I am the physical embodiment of Life Consciousness.
I am here to bring myself into creative form through the
Conscious Physical Body within me.

I am the physical expression of the Body:Human DNA Consciousness, female/ male. Through me and within me, I give creative expression to the Emotional Body and Mental Body. Together my three creative bodies create the integrated expression of the developing Body:Human DNA Consciousness.




Where did I come from?

My life journey began when Life Consciousness fused the negatively (-) charged egg and positively (+) charged sperm of the Body:Human in the Blue Arc Portal at conception to create the Body:Human DNA Consciousness.

What am I doing here?

I am here to provide the opportunity for limitless creative movement to take place physically, emotionally, and mentally so I can bring myself into creative form in time and space and develop my own unique consciousness. I will do this within me, through me, by me, for me, and in my own timing.

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